La Mejor Sensación

abril 29, 2019 § 2 comentarios

Llego tarde a este, mi lugar favorito de Internet (donde parece que reinan mayor “intimidad” y “calma”), para anunciar que #JuramentoMantarraya salió el viernes!
Después de toda la sangre, sudor y lágrimas, ahora no puedo emitir más que palabras de agradecimiento y alegría. Gracias por todo el apoyo y cariño ❤
“Aries manages to pull off this trick like a skilled magician, never taking a wrong step, and crafting some of the freshest, most enthralling synth pop with heart around in 2019.”

“On Juramento Mantarraya this joy finds its way out of the record in abundance. There’s an almost childlike purity to the way her songs are composed. All the sounds are allowed to have their time at the front as they push and float around the soundscapes she creates. “Space Cake” bounces its way through a melody that coos and flirts with all the blips and clicks that jostle in its walls, while the album’s title track can only be described as bloody over the moon. This record was made for the summer.”
The Line of Best Fit

“Juramento Mantarraya, which has the playfulness of a kid-friendly video game, the vivid atmosphere of a soundtrack, a writer’s pithy observations on humanity, and the perceptive ear of someone who’s travelled the distance between hardcore and pop. Reviriego may make music for freaks, but Juramento Mantarraya has plenty of wide-ranging appeal.”

“Juramento Mantarraya is an album of note. It’s an enquiring piece of art that learns of its own sentience as the sequence progresses. Easy moments offer up a framework for some more challenging passages in concept and construction. The challenges are never too far from offering reward. Like a genuine psychedelic experience we begin by asking “What shall we say about this?” and we end by asking “What have I become in making myself?” It’s refreshing, unreal, and easy.”

§ 2 respuestas a La Mejor Sensación

  • Carolina Prada dice:

    ¡Enhorabuena por la nueva criatura! Estoy deseando tener en mis manos ese vinilo tan chuli y escuchar cómo suenan las canciones en directo 😎¡Besoteeeee!

  • aries dice:

    Muchas gracias, Carolina!!! ❤ Toco en La Casa Encendida el 8 de Junio! A ver si nos podemos ver ahi! Un abrazo grande ❤


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