Verdad y belleza

julio 11, 2016 § Deja un comentario

El otro día Uri Amat colgaba una entrevista a Billy Childish donde éste afirmaba cosas como las siguientes:
DD: Would Damien Hirst’s skull be a good example of ego art?
Billy Childish: The problem is that a lot of art masquerades as things, and a lot of things come through in art regardless of that, so there will be unconscious levels of meaning. The skull was produced to be the most expensive art piece on the planet, and although it is something to have created that, it doesn’t do a lot for my soul, or the soul of the artist or the viewer. It’s a record-breaker, and we are more interested in those headline-grabbing statistics than we are in the soul of ourselves or others.

DD: What are you trying to communicate by exploring your own experience?
Billy Childish: I am very selfish in everything that I do because I am trying to feel alright and that I am being honest with myself, and  I’m also trying to orientate myself while I am here. That’s really all I can do, and I hope that that communicates to people and there is some sort of beauty in the way it’s done, and also some sort of transparency in the motive. It’s not product placement. I paint to please myself because I enjoy it. It helps to calm my mind and comforts me. In the past, I painted from a dark place and although no one liked that work at the time, it’s what people like now, because today people think that dark is cool. But I’m not interested in ‘cool’ in music, art or life, or even ‘cool’ as a term. I’m more interested in beauty and truth.

Billy me derritió con estas declaraciones que comparto al 100%. Lo que él explica  se puede extrapolar a casi todos los ámbitos de nuestra cultura pero en la música es escandaloso. A veces tanta superficialidad epatante me enciende la sangre.

Os dejo con una muestra de auténtica BEAUTY AND TRUTH:

Esta canción a veces no puedo escucharla de lo bella que es…  Me encoge y me supera. Me hace llorar. Puedo recordar con total nitidez la primera vez que la escuché, caminando por Madrid cuando vivía allí, sintiendo que me salvaba la vida.



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